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Construction & Engineering

Our IT services helps to manage the various aspects of this industry.


Engineering Industries are considered to be risk taking enterprise who mainly concentrate on competitive sectors. The main limitations faced by these company include shortage of work force, manpower and unexpected surcharge in the technology.

As a matter of fact, our company is recognized as an expert in handling critical and competitive project. We have a constant goal of providing an excellent customer satisfaction and also to enhance the growth of an organization.

We look forward to joining hands and offer a classic business transformation insight to this technology.

Segments We Serve

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Digital Enterprise Development

With the ongoing digital era, it is very necessary to combine traditional approach with the modern technology. We provide the best digital transformation for the delivery and a better performance.

Engineering Information Management

Certain projects are cumbersome and cannot be handled manually which might lead to errors in execution. It is very important that such projects are automated which eventually consist of major shareholders.

Construction Site Automation

Automation services provided by us reduces turnaround time and errors to a greater extent, which are often caused by unskilled design engineers.

Construction Site Automation

The most important aspect for a construction engineer is the 3M’s – Man, Material and Machine. Our digital solution provides a one stop solution for maintaining all under one roof.

Consulting & Services

We are focused into analysis and execution of real time application which acts as a foundation to the entire project status. By doing so, we have a better control over the control and execution of various projects.
Primary Solutions

We at Virtua Technology are more focused in providing comprehensive solutions to our clients such as

Integrated execution platform for project bid and execution.

Automation Control System for Digital Architecture.

Digital Collaboration and Management.

Budget, Project and Time
Analysis System.

Thus, known for making intelligent performance insights. By doing so we can judge the future performance and necessary actions can be taken for improved productivity.