Blockchain Development

Are You Want To Customize Your Industry With Our Blockchain Development Company?

     Virtua Technologies is a global leader in blockchain development services. We offer standard blockchain software solutions with our real-time practice in blockchain technology around industrial verticals.

     Being an advanced expertize blockchain development company, Virtua technologies deliver services to both beginners and enterprises that make use of the decentralized network develop on the blockchain.

    Whether you want to create, maintain, and analyze blockchain services, then we are here to help you.

Let Us Know The Features Of Our Blockchain Development Services

Smart Contract Development

Virtua technologies perform Smart Contract Development for Public and Private Blockchain Networks. The business can overcome contract conflicts with the support of the smart contract revolution. With specialize in programming languages, and smart contract development tools such as Remix, Solidity, JavaScript, Go, etc. So, our blockchain developers create safe and tamper-proof smart contracts.

Main Services

  • Design and Development
  • Smart Contract Architecture
  • Smart Contracts Optimization
  • Smart Contract Audit

Smart Contract Platforms

  • Hyperledger
  • Ethereum
  • EOS
  • Hedera Hashgraph

Blockchain Application Development

We create and support the decentralized solution with in-depth knowledge and experience in our blockchain application development service. We make business procedures clearer, safer, and available across the world. We have already created applications or Exchanges, Games, Finance, IoT startups, Wallets, healthcare industries, and real estate

Application Types

  • IoT operating systems
  • Cross border payments
  • Voting Mechanism
  • Supply chain & logistics

Application Platforms

  • Multichain Blockchain Development
  • Credit Blockchain Development
  • Hyperledger App Development
  • Stellar App Development

Fintech Application Development

We provide fintech blockchain app development services for insurance, asset management, banking, and more domains. We also focus on performance, reliability, and automation. Our apps offer a top-notch customer care experience when doing the process quicker and easier

Fintech Trends

  • Coins, tokens, ICO, IEO
  • Electronic money
  • Blockchains
  • Crypto trading
  • Trading automation
  • Mobile banking

Fintech Development Services

  • Fintech apps
  • Custom payment solutions
  • Enterprise mobility management
  • Financial portfolio management
  • P2P lending applications
  • Legacy system migration

Blockchain Development Solutions

Virtua technologies allow you to make genuine, trusted, and long-lasting business development solutions. Our blockchain development technology professionals are ready to set up your cross-border payment system, verify protection, and many more.

Solutions Received:

  • Game Apps
  • Decentralized Apps
  • Decentralized Exchanges
  • Wallet Development
  • Networking Apps
  • Security Token Exchange
  • Altcoin Creation

Languages we apply:

  • Python
  • Javascript
  • WebAssembly
  • Java
  • Solidity
  • NodeJs
  • GO

6 Reasons Why You Should Think About Our Blockchain Development Solutions?

Virtua Technologies is one of the leading Blockchain Development companies across the trading companies. We provide essential benefits of Blockchain to enhance their future business of investors.

 We are ranked as the best Blockchain Development Company. We give more importance to accuracy. When the data is placed into the node, it is also posted inner part of every node of the system. Therefore, in the beginning, we work as the advantage of Blockchain in the insurance sector.

Transparency is an essential part as it approaches safety with our Blockchain Technology. We provide a transparent system by decentralization, that includes statistics and data records. Since our blockchain development solution, you can neither be modified nor erased. As the ledger is distributed, our blockchain solutions are easy to understand. Every participant in the network follows identical documentation.

Blockchain has removed the need for third-party verification of the transaction with the use of Smart Contracts. Hence, it has decreased the transaction expense. That’s how many businesses and industries get huge benefits from our Blockchain solutions.

By rushing the growth and transactions with traders and suppliers can assist with the whole business activities. We obtain a clear picture of the time constraint connected with the technology and you will get the major benefits of our Blockchain

Blockchain allows you to the creation of efficient enterprise business patterns. Constantly, it improves the business process and gains new chances. So, in this process, you will get the business benefits of our Blockchain solution.

Based on our Blockchain development service, the transaction operations are at minor risks. By using the immutable, authorized, and permission delivered ledger techniques. It is a significant benefit of our Blockchain for the banks.

Which Industries Have To Access Us For Blockchain Development?

As a leading Blockchain company, we offer business-friendly solutions to a diverse set of industries from novice to the enterprise over the world.

Our experienced professionals build blockchain-driven solutions for health data acquisition and systems, management, for secure decentralized databases, and medical workflow management for saving health care information. The clinical data around the medical institutions and hospitals will approve the patients to get instant access to their health care data easily.

Virtua Technologies offers a blockchain development service for dealing with issues in the world of banking and finance. We can have upgrade customer satisfaction through our blockchain technology services. We also include reliability and security features that are applied to your business solutions.

With our blockchain solutions, we give innovative and secure service features which have decreased human errors in the Automobile Industry. We also enhance their supply chain transparency and logistics activities. We trace the goods and materials between the complete delivery process.

In the retail business, our blockchain solution improves the retail industry with the great usage of e-tokens. Still, it delivers with decentralized features. It will decline the fraudulent activities. We will follow up on their goods service from the manufacturers and make certain that they are receiving the genuine product each time. Furthermore, we also assist them to tackle counterfeit products for a good supply.

With the involvement of Blockchain services, you can improve operational effectiveness and take in quicker settlements for the people included in the Travel and Tourism industry. It will approach and saving data simpler. We authorize the upgraded collaboration and eventually enhancing the complete travel experience for clients.

The government sector uses our blockchain technology which protects, secures, accurate the data of the people safe. We improve the trust factor. We help each person engaged in the blockchain platform to evaluate the effect of social impact at all stages of the process.

Virtua technologies’ Blockchain Technology Solutions can improve the Manufacturing Industry. We provide enhanced security and control with its decentralized type. We allow industrial enterprises to decrease energy expenses and initiate consumption solutions and automated energy distribution. Our blockchain platform is affordable for decentralized networks of IoT devices, and p2p energy trading.

We offer particular strategies sets that address all the issues in the field of education. With our blockchain technologies, we remove the counterfeit activities and executes the whole paper-based records. Therefore, the education department can maintain a clear digital transcript, payments, and ledger of records for every student

In the real estate industry, we regulate the data sharing, payments, and streamlines rental collections to the landlord. Our blockchain development solution eliminates the lender charges, affiliated costs-brokerage fees, and intermediaries. Moreover, it connects the sellers, buyers, and investors. And we help you minimize the risk of fraud.

We have developed reliability and guarantee among industries with our Blockchain development service. We secure, decentralized, and fixed nature in the Media and Entertainment field. Our blockchain development solution upgrades the advertisement and supports the media entertainment industry’s fight against fake news and piracy.

Agriculture uses our blockchain Technology where farmers trace the food supply chain information and so it enhances food security. We also offer a safe method of manage and store data. Our blockchain development solution supports the use of data-driven innovations, and development for smart index-based agriculture insurance, and smart agriculture.

How do we differentiate ourselves from other Blockchain companies?

  • Virtua technology offers 24/7 Blockchain and Cryptocurrency additional assistance for all of your projects.
  • We will provide your Blockchain Project on time without any delay promptly.
  • Our experts are well-qualified with relevant skills to build the application according to your requirements
  • We manage and get a Blockchain Developer of your choice. You can also engage our Private Blockchain Developers that whom you think to be perfect and clearly expressed

Recruit a Blockchain Developer to develop the Blockchain Business

We at Virtua technology, the well-known blockchain development company. We are open to working for every industry ranging from retail to banking to the healthcare sector. With advanced technology expertise, we are the top-most blockchain development company.

We recognize the essential technical element when operating on your Blockchain projects. Our flexible and consistent services are extremely fine enough. That is one of the main reasons why you may need a Blockchain Developer.

Whether your company is searching for blockchain developers to go forward in the new process, then we assist you in finding the perfect talented candidate.