Terms and Conditions

Copyright and intellectual property rights of the materials used within the projects is the responsibility of the client. We don’t take any liability or responsibility of any infringement of IP rights

  • * Client would be responsible for creating all Windows, Apple and Google play store accounts. Please be aware, creating apple developer and Windows store account would take 2 to 4 weeks of time and needs to be initiated once the project is initiated.
  • * We generally work to meet milestone on time, to avoid any delays, we would expect the client to provide feedbacks, corrections and bug fixes within 4 days of delivery of respective module
  • * Payment delays may delay the project deliver, hence would expect payments to be on time with the agreed date
  • * Hosting cost tends to change based on the usage, if there is more usage then we need to upgrade hosting servers based on the metric we would suggest the customer of what changes that may be needed and upon approval we would amend the server
  • * Maintenance cost may change based on the final project code footprint
UI and functionality changes after confirmation of the illustrated UI would be considered as variation
  • Generally, in the case web designs we don’t include responsive designs as part of the scope of works. As a compliment, we provide additional 2 days for responsive design works for some project if it is specified in the scope of works. Any works over 2 days would be considered as new scope of works and would be quoted separately.
  • All mobile UIs would be designed and developed for portrait mode and phone only unless the orientation and device devices are specifically mentioned in scope of work before commencement of work. Adding additional orientation and multiple devices types (phone, tablets, desktops, etc.) will increase the cost.
  • Costing provided doesn’t include the source code. If the client intend to acquire the project source code then Virtua Technologies will provide a separate quote on that. Source code can be inspected on a remote session by the client before purchase. Client should request that in writing if required. Once the source code is delivered to the client, virtua technologies do not provide code level knowledge transfer. Quality of the code is depended on the resource that is working on the project. We ensure we recruit best resource in the market. The practice that is followed in writing code soles in the hands of the developers.
  • During the time of development, we would provide a cloud storage space for client to send and receive files related to the project, this shall not be used for personnel use.
  • All variations would be logged into a variation tracker and would be charged on top of the existing project cost.
  • We don’t have a refund policy.
  • All bugs would be logged into the Bug tracker and would need to be approved by the project manager before commencement of the work
  • Any variation request would increase the development time and the client should be aware that once variations are added the previously specified deadline would be nullified and a new deadline would be issued to the client by the project manager.
  • All communication should be maintained in email for future records. Especially client approvals on completed works should need to be in email for record keeping purposes.
  • Source code will be maintained in a Source control repository, if the source code is part of the project deliverable it would be handed over to the client once the project is completed and all the outstanding payments are cleared.
  • We do not provide warranties/ guarantees for any data loss, it is the responsibility of the client to backup their data before the start of the projects. Once the client agreed to a start data of project/ task it is assumed that client has taken all necessary backup of their data.
  • Estimated duration may change if there is any technical challenges or research that is needed to deliver a component or if any changes that have happened on the 3rd party library side that we use in this application development.
  • From time to time, Android, Apple, Amazon, Windows change their store policies which affects certain apps, we cannot guarantee publishing an app can be 100% successful as the decision to let the app go live on a store resides total in the hands of the store owners. We would give our 100% from our side to make any changes that is required to facilitate this process. If any of those changes are not part of the scope of works which is already agreed then it would be costed separately. Upon approval by the client we would commence the works.
  • Any disruption of day to day actives due to bad weather, natural disaster such as floods, storms, earthquake in our locations where we operate, or our contractor’s location may affect the deliverable items. In such cases new timelines shall be issued to the client.
  • All our web projects are tested and developed on latest browsers such as (Chrome, Firefox as defaults). Any other browsers for which if the developed product is intended then client should request specifically. Esp IE support, as it would be costed a separate item.